What is that design in the middle of each item?

Hot Caliber has developed a line of jewelry and accessories around a flattened bullet that has been shot with a firearm. The flattened bullet is showcased as the focal point in every piece in the Hot Caliber line.

How does a bullet flatten?

A flattened bullet is an anomaly, as most bullets will disintegrate upon contact with a hard surface. With countless hours and strategic precision, Hot Caliber has found a method to create the necessary velocity, weight, shape, and angle needed so that upon hitting a target the bullet reaches molten temperatures and melts, crushes and cools into the flattened bullet. Click here to see a video on this.

Is an actual bullet used in the jewelry and accessories?

No. Once the bullets have been shot, flattened, collected and sorted we use the flattened bullet to create a mold. Incorporating lost wax casting methods, we create an exact replica made of solid precious metal for each bullet edition.

Is the Hot Caliber pendant for men or women?

Yes. Actually, both men and women. Designed with diversity in mind, the Hot Caliber pendant can be worn by both men and women.

What is an edition?

Each bullet is numbered with the edition it comes from. Each edition is limited to a specific quantity. We are sold out of our first edition(100pcs per size) and half way through our second edition (500pcs per size). In other words, the bullet used in the first edition will not be used in any future editions, ensuring originality. That means your bullet is unique and special.

Is there any lead in my bullet?

No. Hot Caliber utilizes a method to replicate the bullets into precious metals such as sterling silver and 14k gold and are 100% lead free. Your bullet is an exact replica, the actual bullet is discarded.

What metals are available for my bullet?

Hot Caliber is currently offering the bullets in a variety of designs with sterling silver and 14k gold. However, we are certainly happy to accommodate custom requests. If you desire, special orders can be created with other metals such as rose gold, 18k gold and platinum etc. Feel free to contact us with your vision, and we'll see what we can do to make it happen.

Is the bullet hollow or solid?

The "replicated" bullet, as well as the frame it is set in, is a solid piece of precious metal. Neither bullet or frame is hollow.

Is that bling I see on some of the designs?

Yes, diamonds of course. Hot Caliber uses the finest diamonds in H color SI clarity or better.

Necklace options:

The Hot Caliber pendant comes with a choice of either a sterling silver bead chain or rubber necklace. The sterling silver chain is available in 16 inch, 18 inch, and 20 inch. We also offer a black 3 mm rubber necklace with a sterling silver clasp and ends. The black rubber chain offered in 16, 18, 20 inches.

How quickly do you ship and how much does it cost?

Items will ship within two days of cleared payment. Standard shipping is USPS Priority Mail with insurance ($10) or USPS Express Mail with insurance ($30). No additional charge to ship multiple items to the same address. For international shipping cost is $45 , 2week delivery, or Global Priority for $60, 2 to 7 business days .


You are going to love your Hot Caliber design, but if for some reason it isn't quite right we do accept returns. Returns must be made within 10 days of receipt of the item. Item must be sent back in the original packaging and in its original condition. A full refund will be given once the item is received by Hot Caliber, shipping will not be refunded. Contact Hot Caliber for return instructions.

What happens if my piece is damaged?

All Hot Caliber products come with a lifetime warranty. The warranty covers workmanship, materials and reasonable wear and tear. We will repair or replace the damaged piece free of charge. The warranty does not cover damage caused by negligence. So, if you drop your Hot Caliber piece down the garbage disposal and it gets damaged, it is not covered by our warranty, though we will be happy to repair the piece for you at a cost that will be much less than a new piece. The warranty also does not cover damage caused to the necklace or keychain, but we can offer you a replacement component for purchase.

Where are Hot Caliber items made?

The Hot Caliber bullet and frames are proudly made and assembled in the USA.

I want to give a Hot Caliber product as a gift, what is the exchange return policy?

Hot Caliber will happily accommodate an exchange on any item within 10 days of receipt of the item, please see Returns for more info.

Do I need a gift box?

No. Each Hot Caliber product is individually packaged in an elegant gift box with a ribbon.

What is the black finish on some of the Hot Caliber items?

The dark finish on some of the Hot Caliber items is actually a patina or an oxidation on the sterling silver. The oxidized sterling silver will age with wear, becoming even more unique to you. All of the sterling silver pendants that have oxidized frames will be offered with the matching oxidized chain.

How do I care for my Hot Caliber jewelry?

Treat it like any piece of jewelry; with care and respect and it will last a lifetime. To clean we recommend warm water, soft soap (like Dawn liquid) and a gentle brushing with a toothbrush. Do NOT use jewelry cleaners or an ultrasonic bath on our black patina finish as it will remove it.

What dimensions is the piece?

Click here for comparison and exact dimensions.

What does the back of the piece look like?

Click here to view the back of the piece.

Can I carry Hot Caliber in my retail store.

Please contact Hot Caliber directly for dealer inquiries.

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