About Us

Hot Caliber is a company on a mission to take something unexpected and craft it into a bold and powerful statement. Rough and rugged meets precious metal, two unlikely elements come together in surprising unison. A flattened bullet takes center stage in every item offered in the Hot Caliber line.

The flattened bullet is an anomaly, as most bullets will disintegrate upon contact with a hard surface. Hot Caliber has successfully perfected a method to produce a flattened bullet and thus created a completely original concept. With over 15 years experience in the jewelry industry, the creators of Hot Caliber seek all means possible to achieve the highest quality and craftsmanship. Respectful of the process and the industry in general, Hot Caliber only works with reputable sources and the finest materials. Hot Caliber has one goal and that is to create really cool jewelry and accessories that are unique and beautiful.

How Hot Caliber products are made:

  1. We have fired over 4000 rounds to perfect the system for being able to recreate a flattened bullet.
  2. Even after having perfected this method it takes 100 rounds being shot and collected to find the right bullet for an edition.
  3. The edition is stamped, molded and cast in precious metal, ensuring it is 100% lead free and safe.
Video of Bullet Flattening

Click here to see the video

Failed Ammo
Failed ammunition test.
Successful Ammo
Successful test, out of 100, 1 or 2 of these will be used.
Bullets Retrieved
Bullets retrieved during ammunition tests
Bullets: Wax and Final
Bullets: Wax Model and Final Product

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